what exactly is it?

We create Trambles.

Trambles are 60-90 minute walks in cities and towns across the UK. On the walks you answer 10 questions based on what you see. This might be a blue plaque of a famous person, an interesting sculpture, a piece of street art or something else we think is cool and adds to the experience. 

And what's more you have to crack a code at the end of the walk based on your answers along the Tramble. 

They are available via the Tramble App, available on both iOS and Android, and also offline on a paper (well it is more like card) version. 

stocking offline trambles

You can stock local Trambles in your store. Some places just have the one, others have a handful. 

They are the perfect impulse buy, something to give as a gift or just to explore the place around you in a different way. 


Each Tramble walk retails at £4.99. 

Pricing Guide:

50 Units (Minimum Order) | £100 (£2 per unit) | Profit Potential = £149.50

100 Units | £175 (£1.75 per unit) | Profit Potential = £324

250 Units | £375 (£1.50 per unit) | Profit Potential = £872.50

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