The haunting tale of Sweeney Todd has enthralled people ever since he slashed his way on to the front pages of Fleet Street’s printing press in the 19th Century.



We have created a spooky Tramble Codebreaking Walk in Fleet Street to coincide with the darker skies and the gloomy light. Our 60 minute self guided walk, delivered via our app, will guide you and your team along Fleet Street’s scary alleyways finding out more about the notorious demon barber.

But this isn’t just a retelling of the story. You and your team are racing against the clock to try and put together a convincing defence for the barber at the Old Bailey. You have 60 minutes to answer our questions, come up with another suspect and then get him off the hook.

What’s more we suggest three pit stops at ‘Haunted’ pubs along the route.

Can you uncover some seedy goings on in the printing press and get Sweeney Todd off the hook?

You can download the Tramble App here:



Search for ‘Fleet Street’ and purchase the Sweeney Todd Walk. It is available on demand but it best played when the light is going down!

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