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how it works

What will you see?

The questions are all based on what you can see around you. That might be a blue plaque of a famous resident, a piece of street art, or a sculpture. 

We create questions based on what you have to find - some require you to say what you see, some require a bit of logic and others need a bit of general knowledge. 

Are you up to the challenge? 

Who are Trambles for? 

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Honestly... everyone.

A Tramble is perfect for a date. You will explore quirky parts of your city and stop at the suggested spots along the way.

It is also great to take on as a family during the summer holidays or over a weekend. Add in a couple of stops along the way and you have a great day out for £3.99.


Where can we do one?


London Trambles

We have over 50 Trambles in London for you to choose from.

Click the image to find out where.

South West England Trambles

We are in Bristol, Bath, Devon and along the South Coast - so there is definitely a Tramble near you.

Click the image to find out where we are.

South East England Trambles

We have our Tramble Treasure Hunt walks in Oxford, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Click through on the image to find the one nearest to you.

Midlands and East of England Trambles

Tramble in Cambridge or suggest where we should go next.

Click through to see which ones you can do.

North of England Trambles

We are only in York at the moment but you can help us grow.

Find where we are adding them by clicking through.

Scotland Trambles

We are in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as a couple of outlying areas.

Click through and discover your next Tramble Walk.

So, what are you waiting for? 


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