Looking for children’s activities that don’t break the bank in Yorkshire? You’re in luck because Leeds has a ton of family days out in Leeds that won’t cost you too many pennies! And these days out with the kids will suit different tastes and age groups.

Days out with the kids can break the bank really quickly, hopefully not with these options…

Number 1 – Leeds Owl Trail

Obviously we love walking and being active so we will start off with the Leeds Owl Trail!

You are bound to have a hoot as you search for the 25 hidden owls dotted around the place. You can download the map, see if we have added it to the Tramble App or even pick one of the maps up from the Art Gallery. The Leeds Owl Trail starts at Millennium Square in Leeds and is Free. Trust us this makes for a good family day out in Leeds!


Number 2 – Outlaws Yacht Club

You might not think that bar in Leeds makes for a great day out with the kids but the Outlaws Yacht Club will surprise you! Grab the kids a soft drink from the bar and something a little stronger for yourself, before delving into the vast array of free board games.

Jenga at the Yacht Club makes for a good family day out in Leeds Flickr

You can find the Outlaws Yacht Club on 38 New York Street and there is more information on their website here.

Number 3 – Harewood House

On a bright sunny day, you’ll find few better things to do with the kids than a visit to Harewood House on the outskirts of Leeds. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city for a reason as you can explore the 18th century house, roam the acres and acres of gardens, before having more fun on the adventure playground.

And on top of all of that the kids still have to explore the bird gardens and the farm, where they can see alpacas, goats, pigs and much more. But, as you probably already know the biggest draw is always the penguins – you can even feed them…

More on the website here.


Number 4 – Thackray Medical Museum

This one is a little wackier and is absolutely perfect if you have kids that love horrific and often gory stories… And if you do to it really will be one of the most perfect family days out in Leeds!

Is that you? Then you have to pop along to the Thackray Medical Museum. as it is chocker block full of interactive exhibitions that will teach you about history of medicine, the bizarre techniques and tools of the Victorian age and a lot more.

A gory image from the Thackray Medical Museum Thackray Medical Museum

Tickets give you unlimited access for a whole year (wahey!) and cost £7.20 for adults, £4.50 for kids aged 5-16. £22.05 will suffice for a family of two adults and two kids or £25.20 for a family of two adults and three kids. Children under five go free. So a reasonably priced attraction!

Look out for their regular activities too on their website.

Number 5 – Roundhay Park

Another belter of a walk can be found on the 700 acres of Roundhay Park. You probably know that already but it is a fun way to explore and exercise. Take the kids for a stroll around the stunning lake or over to the gorge to try and spot some animals or creepy crawlies. But there is nothing better to do that finding a quiet spot and having a picnic. Keep an eye on our Trambles too (or join our mailing list) to see when we have made a Tramble Codebreaking Walk here…

Roundhay Park is also home to the interesting Tropical World, where you’ll find snakes (eek) and tarantulas (bigger eek) and butterflies, of course. More on the website here.

Number 6 – Leeds Urban Bike Park

We will cover all things cycling in Number 6…

First off take a look at the Leeds Urban Bike Park as it is getting more and more popular with families in the area. Crucially, the park has something to suit every age group/skill level and it is free to ride your own bike. More on the Leeds Urban Bike Park here.

If you are looking for a gentler ride the whole family can enjoy… why not hire bikes and ride along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal to Saltaire?

Along the way you will be treated to a glimpse of the city’s industrial history and, as an added bonus, there are a few very nice pubs to stop at along the way. If you’re tired at the end you always have the option of a 15 minute train ride back.

A man cycling across an urban bridge
Photo by  Viktor Kern  on  Unsplash

Photo by  Viktor Kern  on  Unsplash

Number 7 – The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre in Carlisle Road is home to well over a million objects from modern and ancient Leeds’ collections. There are a host of exhibitions to explore from celebrations across the globe to animals and masks. So a bunch of culture!

And, the Discovery Centre is free for the whole family… but make sure you book in advance on the website here.

Number 8 – The Great Escape Game

Obviously as the creators of codebreaking walks we love puzzles and problem solving. So where better to take the family than one of Leeds’ best escape rooms – a really pleasing family day out in Leeds!

We love the all action rooms at The Great Escape Game in Leeds. Check out their website for all the rooms.

Number 9 – Abbey House Museum

Abbey House Museum is one of our favourite museums in Yorkshire. Walking up to it from the outside you would have absolutely no idea that lurking inside is a full on Victorian high street, complete with old fashioned shops and homes and even a graveyard scene. There are sure to be a bunch of questions for you to answer so brush up on your Victorian knowledge!!

This Abbey House Museum image is the copyright of Daria Wszolek This Abbey House Museum image is the copyright of Daria Wszolek

More on the website here.

Number 10 – Tramble

Finally we have our £3.99 codebreaking walks to enjoy. There are currently two to play, one along the waterway and another in the city centre. But we are always adding more so check out the Tramble App Listings for a cracking family day out in Leeds!

You can also see a whole host of other activities on the Day Out Builder section of our website. Click here to find out about other great days out with the kids.

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