...And we are off!

This is the Tramble blog - a bit of a step away from the other content and the walks that we promote on the main website. This particular area is more about the journey I've been on with this project, what we have done so far, what has failed and what has worked.

I'll commit to adding to this blog at least once per month with an update on what has happened and to gauge your opinion (as users I hope) on what we should do next. I hope you enjoy reading and would love to read your comments and thoughts on everything that is going on. 

So a little bit about Tramble's reason for existence >> 

I live in London. Very exciting and all that. There is plenty of hype about what to do and what's cool right now. A lot of that information is hidden behind click bait headlines. It is easy to get lost in that world. 

I wanted to know about information in a particular place and make a day of it, or at least an evening of it. And wanted that to be away from 'just' booze, or the new pop-up or throwing cash away on the same tried and tested activities. 

So... Tramble was set up for three main reasons: 

>> Create a thing to do in cities that was fun and a bit different. To get people to see what was around them and to engage with it. 

>> Create content within and behind the walks to promote small or independent businesses that are worth visiting

>> Create content that was actually useful and not just clickbait. To actually help people plan a day out that is different.

And now we are off... 

The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play (Click here to download it) We have seen a bunch of downloads and are looking at getting the word out there, some exposure and, most importantly, people out exploring cities in the UK.

Would love to know what you think!