Molkky - The Throwing Game For All The Family

This summer make sure you get your hands on this fun game that is suitable for all the family. Play it on the beach, in your garden, in the park - basically anywhere you have a bit of room to play. 

You have a wooden pin and the aim is to knock over skittles marked with numbers from 1 to 12. They are placed in a tight group to begin with but as they fall over they get further and further apart as you put them up where they land. 

If you knock over one pin you get the score on that pin. If you knock over two pins you score the number of pins you knock over. Get it? 

The first player to get to exactly 50 points will be crowned the winner. Beware though, if you go over the 50 you will rocket straight back down to 25 points. 

Check out the above video for a better idea of the rules. 

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