Things To Do - Dalston

Dalston is one of the hipster spots that is regularly talked about in the press these days. A pop up here, street art there and new gallery everywhere. 

The place does have a certain vibe that makes you love it, so we thought we would share some of our favourite spots. 

Newington Green

The real stand out performer for us is the lovely Newington Green. It is like a secluded little village that, if you aren't from the area, you will certainly never have heard of. 

We love the wine shop come bar Yield N16, The Lady Mildmay and Dandy, Go check it out.

Newington Green.jpg

Back into Dalston itself

Ok, so back into Dalston and there are plenty of things to do and see as well. 

We love the Eastern Curve Garden Project. A community run gardens and cafe with a cool vibe and excellent street art. Just outside you can see the equally impressive Dalston Peace Mural which is fantastic piece of art. 

Dalston Peace Mural.jpg

Then Head to the Hang-Up Gallery

Look for more street art? 

Well there is currently a Banksy led exhibition at the Hang Up Gallery. It is well worth a visit. 

And if classical prints are your thing then you should also check out the nearby Print Club

drinks into the evening

Finally we recommend the Vortex Jazz Club for drinks and live music into the night. 

The Tramble App is now available on iOS and Android. 

The Tramble App is now available on iOS and Android. 

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