Things To Do - Green Park

In the height of summer this advice is perhaps a little redundant as lounging around in the Park itself is quite hard to beat. However, if you are looking for something a little different to do... here is our advice. 

Shepherd Market

Just north of the park is the lovely, and somewhat hidden, Shepherd Market. It really does complement the a day walking around the park. Try Le Boudin Blanc, check out 54 The Gallery or Imitate Modern and have a drink in the Shepherd Tavern. Trust us, you won't regret this little visit. 


Fortnum and Mason

You are so close to one of the luxury department stores in the UK so, it is the perfect opportunity to pop in and see how the other half live! 

Get Your Art On

Being such a central location it is not surprising that there are a few excellent galleries around, aside from the ones in Shepherd Market. 

We love the Royal Academy of Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Both are excellent conversation starters and add a classier touch to any date or day out. 

Available on iOS and Android.

Available on iOS and Android.