Things To Do - Waterloo

Look, many of you will roll your eyes at being told what to do near Waterloo. We get it, you would say head to the Southbank and plans will come together. 

It is true, the Southbank does offer plenty of places to eat and drink and has the added benefit of the spectacular views across the Thames. 

So, what else is there? 

Here is a list of our places off the beaten track for the next time you find yourself near that busy Station. 

House of Vans

Have you been to the vaults within the Leake Street Tunnel? 

If you haven't then you have almost certainly been missing out. 

Firstly, the tunnel itself if fairly impressive. Street Art covers 90% of it and you will be impressed by the skill levels involved, even if you are a little put off by the paint spray smell. 

So within the tunnel we would recommend heading to the House of Vans - a gallery, come bar, come events space that is quirky and a different spot for a drink. Find out more here. 

The best way of getting to the House of Vans is via Station Approach Road. If your date is going particularly well you could always pop into the Camel & Artichoke or Cubana on the corner for a few more drinks. 

The Hayward Gallery

Right, so technically this is on the Southbank, so it is a bit of a cheat. 

However, with all the glitz and glamour it is often overlooked. We really like the place, it is a bit different with internationally renowned artists holding exhibitions there. 

Let us know what you think. 


Have you found the Arcades below the Sea Life Aquarium and right next to the London Eye? 

Bowling, Table Tennis (both without the funky lighting of a Bounce or Bloomsbury Lanes) await as well as the classic arcade games. Last time we went we left with a nodding dog similar to the one in the Churchill adverts, so the prizes on offer are quite something. 

The Florence Nightingale Museum 

Everyone knows a little about Florence and her exploits in the Crimean War. This little museum in the grounds of St Thomas's Hospital is a treasure and leaves you with a greater level of knowledge on nursery and its development through the decades. Bear in mind that it is only open from 10 till 5 each day. 


It will of little surprise to you that our Tramble takes in these sites, as they are some of our favourites in the area. Either way, enjoy exploring. 

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Available on iOS and Android.