Things To Do - Westminster

Everyone knows a little about Westminster. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square etc. etc. etc. You might think this blog is a little redundant. 

However, there are always some secret spots worth mentioning! 

The Museums 

We love the Churchill War Rooms. It is a fantastic look at the area in which Churchill and co planned and strategised our WWII victory. 

We would go as far to say it is a must see museum in London.


St John Smith Square

We really enjoy finding the quieter areas of Westminster and St John Smith Square is certainly one of those. Take a walk there, into the church and enjoy a little bit of tranquility in the busy city.


Then head to the Riverside

The Riverside Walk along the Thames Path is one of the best walks in the city. 

We love the gardens of Whitehall, hopping aboard the Tattershall Castle for a drink or slipping into The Sherlock Holmes for one as well. 

The Tramble App is now available on iOS and Android. 

The Tramble App is now available on iOS and Android.