Brighton - Marina

We have received word from the Spy Chief who has left you this message... "The code is the first two letters of each of the first names. Line them up in alphabetical order. It is eight letters long." Good luck.


Well worked out. And well remembered if you didn't use any hints. You have saved the city. Please let us know if you had fun, and tag us in your posts on social media! (@TrambleApp) 

Brighton - The Lanes

The Chief Spy has gathered intelligence on how to crack the code. "It is a number code. Take all the answers that were numbers and treat them as singular. Line them up from high to low and submit.There are 5." Good Luck!


Well done! You have saved Brighton and cracked the code! Please let us know what you thought of your Tramble and perhaps share a photo of your team having fun with us on Social Media (@TrambleApp)